Schottky Electron Gun

Cornerstone of Your Electron Microscope

In industry or science, the customers sometimes need to build their own electron optic solution. We meet these needs with two types of standardized Schottky electron guns with universal application for custom solutions, such as:

  • Inspection and analytical electron microscopes
  • Lithographs and other devices
  • Customized Delong Instruments columns
  • Other electron optics solutions by Delong Instruments

Using LVEM saved me more than 2 hours per day! Even if my newcomers worked on it.

Karl Lagerfeld

Key Features

Beam energy up to 10 keV
High brightness source – Schottky cathode (TFE)
Magnetic immersion lens
Electrostatic multipole
Switching between low and high current mode
Movable aperture stage
Gate valve

Operation Variability and Simple Installation

Variable beam energy
Divergent, collimated or convergent beam
Beam current adjustable from tens of pA to hundreds of nA
Fast and simple gun installation or replacement
Minimized downtime
Remote control


Control electronics including ion pump supplies
Delong control software including API
Customized set of cables
Other accessories


DIGUN Brochure

Discover the detailed parameters of our solutions. Feel free to download DIGUN brochure containing their detailed description.



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