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Apart from developing and producing low voltage TEMs and Schottky electron guns, we are well-known for our unique customer and OEM solutions and as a supplier of customized special components made from the first draft up to the final device.

Development & Engineering

  • mechanical design from electron-optics components to entire electron columns
  • electron optic design from concept proposals to testing procedures
  • electronics design from voltage and current supplies, communication and logic boards up to complex control electronics for various purposes
  • control systems capable of controlling various communication protocols

OEM Solutions

all under strict NDA

  • consulting
  • development and engineering
  • prototype manufacturing and tests
  • final OEM products including manufacturing


  • manufacturing of specialized components based on customer specifications
  • final check with the state of the art control methods
  • finalization of design and technical documentation

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Reference Projects

Where we helped

Optomechanical manipulators for ELI Beamlines

Optomechanical manipulators for ELI Beamlines

Development & Engineering

Our vacuum chambers include optomechanical manipulators - superaccurate positioning systems equipped with mirrors or grids. With positioning accuracy in microradians, their dimensions range from tens of centimetres to meters and weights of tens of kilograms.

Gun with monochromator for Electron Optica

Gun with monochromator for Electron Optica

Development & Engineering

Schottky electron gun equipped with a monochromator for a research project focused on decreasing sample damage in electron microscopy.

OEM Electron Guns

OEM Electron Guns

OEM Solutions

Electron guns for serial production delivered from a first proposal up to the repeated manufacturing. The services included testing according to procedures designed in close cooperation with the customer and product modifications in time.

OEM Cold Emission Source

OEM Cold Emission Source

OEM Solution

Cold emission sources for high-resolution systems. Scope of work from draft up to customisation and testing.

Electron beam column for IMS Nanofabrication

Electron beam column for IMS Nanofabrication

Development & Engineering

Electron gun and further subassemblies for the electron-optical assembly of a multi-beam e-beam writer in the scope of EU project ‘RIMANA’ - participation on works from design up to installation and testing.

They are a reliable and creative supplier and we appreciate the cooperation. (O referenční citát a fotku jsem poprosila Toma P.)

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