Elektronové trysky

Key Features

  • Beam energy up to 10 keV / 30 keV
  • High brightness source – Schottky cathode (TFE)
  • Magnetic immersion lens
  • Electrostatic multipole (beam deflection & astigmatism correction)
  • Switching between low current (high resolution) and high current (low resolution) mode
  • Movable aperture stage (customized multiple hole strip aperture)
  • Gate valve

Operation Variability

  • Variable beam energy: 2–10 keV (DIGUN) / 2–30 keV (DIGUN 30)
  • Divergent, collimated or convergent beam (crossover mode)
  • Beam current adjustable in the range of tens of pA up to hundreds of nA (optionally up to units of μA)

Universal Application & Custom Solutions

  • Inspection and analytical electron microscopes
  • Lithographs and other devices
  • Other DI electron optics solutions

Simple Installation & Operation

  • Fast and simple gun installation or replacement
  • Minimized downtime (no gun venting, pump-down and bakeout)
  • Remote control


  • Control electronics including ion pump supplies
  • DI control software including API
  • Customized set of cables
  • Other accessories