• Powerful transmission electron microscope.
  • The LVEM 5 combines transmission (TEM, STEM) and scanning (SEM) modes as well as electron diffraction (SAED).
  • It operates with low accelerating voltage (5 kV) which brings high contrast on light elements.
  • Resolving power down to 2 nm.
  • Biological and soft matter applications.
  • High contrast without staining.
  • Low accelerating voltage allows a very small optics column.
  • The LVEM 5 can be installed on a regular desk – small installation space needed.
  • It does not require neither a dark room nor cooling water.
  • Specimen tilt holder availability.


LVEM Tilt Specimen Holder

  • Capability of ±22.5° of rotation.
  • Total rotation 45°.
  • Suitable for TEM, SEM and STEM modes.